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Rojo Cinema

Film Developing: Color and Black & White

Film Developing: Color and Black & White

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Digitization and Developing: 

We offer a complete negative processing service tailored to all needs. Whether you have color negatives, black and white negatives, or even disposable cameras, we make sure each image captures the essence of your memories with the highest quality.

Specialized Scans at No Additional Cost: Our service includes advanced scanning options such as Half-Frame, 3-D (compatible with Nishika, Reto and Nimslo cameras) and X-Pan, all offered at no additional charge. We pride ourselves on providing flexibility and variety in our scanning services to meet all your photography needs.

Professional Development with High Quality Chemicals: We use only the best chemicals on the market for the development of your negatives. For color negatives, we use the renowned Cinestill CS41 or Cinestill CS2 chemicals, ensuring vivid and long-lasting colors. As for the black and white negatives, we trust the quality of ILFORD and DF96

Preserve your Memories with Superior Quality: Dedicated to transforming your negatives into digital works of art. We understand the importance of each image and work meticulously to preserve the integrity and beauty of your memories.

Standard Scan: Premium JPEG images with dimensions of 16 x 24 cm (approx. 1890 x 2835 pixels), perfect for medium-sized prints.

High Resolution Scanning: Large TIFF files 30 x 45 cm (approx. 3543 x 5315 pixels) for large format prints or professional use.

RAW Format: We offer raw images in .DNG format for those who wish to have full control in post-production.

Storage and Security of Negatives: We store negatives with the utmost care for a period of up to 30 days. We recommend that you collect them within this period to guarantee their safety. After this time, the negatives will be disposed of responsibly. The digitized images will be available for 7 days, then they will be deleted, more information in our privacy policies.

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