Viaja con Film: Los 10 Consejos más Importantes.

Travel with Film: The 10 Most Important Tips.

Hector Roa

After traveled the world with film, - from the most touristy in the West to the fifth hell -, these are the most valuable tips when traveling with film.

Choose the Right Film: According to the light, the subjects you expect to find and as a narrative support. Example, Does the intention provide a pronounced grain? White & Black or Color, or both? Panchromatic or Orthochromatic?

Protect the Film from Weather: The film is sensitive to extreme conditions. There are moisture-proof containers, and at all costs avoid leaving them in direct sun.

The film, composed of an emulsion formed from gelatin, is reactive to sudden changes in temperature and extreme climates.

Radiation in Airports: It's luck. Likewise, - and it never fails - respectfully ask for manual inspections at airports or borders to avoid scanners, as they can damage the film. Luck.

All over the world they do manual review if you ask respectfully. Except for Israel and Costa Rica.

The airport with the best service for manually reviewing the rolls has been Colombia, they are very careful when handling them.

The worst country is Israel, they forcefully open the camera to see if anything suspicious is inside. They are afraid of cameras and everything that is an accumulation of equipment and electronics inside luggage. They go so far as to seize equipment at the land border, sometimes it is a game of patience.

There is Never Enough Film, Bring ALL You Can: In some places it can be difficult to find certain types of film. Or there isn't.

Imagine losing all those travel photos and carrying a 500g body just for the hell of it... No.

Document Exposures and Separate: Keep a journal of settings to remember details that will help you during development when you return to the darkroom.

** Be sure to separate exposed rolls separately from fresh ones during travel to avoid unwanted multiple exposures. It is read as something obvious, however, in the constant movement there is confusion.

A Soft Cloth: Carry a cloth to clean glasses with you, keep your equipment clean, zero worries. In reality, on a trip dust is the least of it and the equipment is made to withstand anything.

Local Regulations: Find out to avoid problems.

There are places where hanging a camera around your neck is the equivalent of having a loaded gun. That level...

Experiment: Traveling is an opportunity to experiment, try techniques and bring different images home. Outside there are many types of lighting, contrasts and stories.

The Most Important Advice:

Traveling is a privilege... enjoy it and live it, and if there is any time left over: Document it 📸

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