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Black & White Development Workshop at Home

Black & White Development Workshop at Home

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Aimed at those who want to learn the art of photographic development in a simple and efficient way.

At the end of the workshop you will know how to develop any film black & white in 35 mm and 120 mm format, store and manipulate photographic chemicals and archive the negatives.


  • Home Darkroom: A new photo-lab concept.
  • Introduction to photographic development at home.
  • Chemical: Awareness, manipulation and reuse.
  • Lab: Revealed by silver blackening.
  • Developing technique: Pulling and Pushing.
  • Home dark room.

All materials are included.

***Bring already exposed black & white film(s) to develop during the workshop. Likewise, there will be one available if you do not have one.

Schedules available every day.


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